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cheap easel back sign holder

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It's jam packed with examples and ideas from sign holder uses for businesses like yours.

Sign holder information about acrylic, easle bakc and menu style sign holders. Make an informed decisions before you buy your sign holders.

Sign Holder Information

For Sign Holders & Display Holders

Sign Holder Size Choices

Both design styles of sign holders are offered in wide range for sizes. The most popular sizes are the 8.5 x 11 acrylic sign holder followed by the 8.5 x 11 easel back sign holder. The largest sizes are over 20” and are most affordable when ordered in the easel back display holders style. To create a unique size or shape, consider ordering custom sign holders. Custom sign holders will be more expensive per piece than standard sizes and they will take longer to arrive. Standard sized display holders ship in 24 hours.


Sign Holder Printing

Your logo or other text and graphics cab be custom printed onto your sign holders. This printing must be done by us in our sign holder printing shop. We provide a complimentary proof for all custom sign holder printing orders. Please plan on 10 days or more turnaround time for custom sign holders. Please get with customer service about custom sign holder printing.


Sign Holder Insert Printing

We can print your brochures or leaflets for you and we can pre-insert them into your display holders for you. Typically, we can print and insert your marketing materials at lower cost than doing it on your own.

Sign Holder Ordering

Is Easier Online

We make ordering sign holders easy by providing detailed images and instant pricing for the most popular styles and sizes of display holders.


Unlike other sites, we have no minimum order rules for any sign holder we offer.


If you need just one sign holder or a thousand sign holders, we make ordering easy – and affordable.


Get instant online pricing.

Wall Mount Sign Holders

Both sign holder designs can be ordered in landscape and portrait styles. The acrylic holders can be ordered flat or pocketed display holders. Inserts are slipped between the sides of the display holders. Pockets can be added or formed as part of the sign holder. Affixing is done through drill hole, typically. Other popular affiixing methods include keyhole and grid or slat wall mounting. These holders are avialble with tape and magnetic affixing options, as well, for more temporary positioning of signage.

Acrylic sign holders are made of rigid acrylic or plastic.These transparent display holders are available in a variety of base styles with one or more visible sides. They are the most durable solution available for wall mount and table top sign holder uses. The most popular sizes of these display holders are offered in economic and premium thicknesses. If your sign holders will be shipped frequently we suggest the easel back design rather than this, the molded acrylic sign holder.

Acrylic Sign Holders

A rigid chipboard back with a "fold flat" stand that folds out from the backing. The sign holder is designed so that the clear, non-glare plastic sleeve covers what you insert into the sign holder. Once inserted, your inserts are trapped between the transparent sleeve and the chipboard easel back. The "fold flat" feature makes this the best design for shipping display holders to trade shows and events. The cardboard is durable but is not resistant to moisture or excessive wear.

Easel Back Sign Holders  

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